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I am a first generation Entrepreneur on a wonderful journey to build a global organization


I am a first generation Indian Entrepreneur. No one in my family EVER VENTURED into "business" (as entrepreneurship is more popularly known here in India).
I have a Masters Degree in Business Management and I am an Engineer from IIT-Delhi- gradutaion batch 0f 1994. After working in some "big name" corporates, I decided to get into entrepreneurship and founded NetElixir Inc. We help online advertisers eliminate waste from their advertising campaigns and help them to be "more profitable".
I married Tulika in 2000 and our son, Gogol was born in 2003. Its been a great experience watching two new lives grow up - my son and my start up.

This blog would dwell with the exciting journey I have had and keep having as a first generation Indian Entrepreneur.


People, cultures, traveling, soccer, entrepreneurship, creative thinking