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Hi Udayan,
I have to say, at business shit happens. And plans A, B and C have to be something to do with fundamentals. I think something basic missing from you equation could be that in hard times, customer service of time tested good brand names survive while lesser known players with less deeper pockets may not be able to sustain higher service levels. These are also times when cost pressures lead to companies addressing it through short term measures like maybe layin goff contract workers. Modern day variable cost business plans are working on razor thin margins. Such measures are no brainers. However, sometimes the value that the contractor or outsourced services provide are extremely valuable but cost pressures make them seem non core. In this context, your experience may have been different if instead of your existing service provider you may have stuck with more truly tested bigger brand names like UPS or DHL. Who knows ... Shit may still happen.


udayan waiting for ur new post

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